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A guided wildflower walk with farmer and conservationist Henry Lang with refreshments.A rare chance to have a guided walk around some of the best example of native wildflower meadows in the country. With over 56 species of flowers and grasses, the meadows offer a haven for wildlife.  Thanks to a 25 year regeneration program these meadows have been created to enhance biodiversity on a Decca’s family farm 4 miles away. Some of the rarest ancient cereals and rare pollinators, like the Shrill Carder bumblebee and the Brown Hairstreak butterfly can sometimes be spotted by the eagle eyed. They are very special. Don’t expect blousy poppies and bright cornflowers but far a more traditional mix from quaking grass, birdsfoot trefoil, oxeye daisies and a few species of orchids. Truly stunning and highly recommended.

May-July Please enquire to book

£40 each